She was pregnant and about to become a mother, but the doctors noticed that the pregnancy was developing unusually


Christine Terlizi was pregnant and about to become a mother, the pregnancy was normal and she was the happiest in the world.
The issues came to light when Kristen was 28 weeks pregnant and had a routine checkup with her doctor. After an ultrasound, the doctor noticed something unusual, the pregnancy began to develop abnormally.
She would have to undergo more detailed examinations and an ultrasound to diagnose Christine’s problem. After a series of tests, doctors were amazed when they did an ultrasound between the placenta, bladder and uterus and noticed no difference.

Doctors decided to carry the pregnancy to term, but continued to monitor the woman closely. When it came time to give birth, 30 doctors escorted her to the operating room, all focused on one thing: saving Christine’s life and her baby.
The child was born in good health without any problems, and the doctors gave him the tenth degree. After making sure the baby is out of danger, the doctors are already beginning to understand the root of the problem.



The woman’s condition was very serious, so the doctors decided to close the cesarean section and leave the placenta in the woman.
The next few days were a nightmare for Kristen, who was in excruciating pain and her health was deteriorating day by day. Due to her very poor health, the new mother was unable to see her child.

7 weeks have passed since the birth and the woman’s liver began to recede, so the doctors made a risky decision: they tried a complex operation to remove the placenta.
Everything should be fine, every little mistake sentenced Kristen to death!

Fortunately, the operation was successful two hours later and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Kristen was so lucky to survive, after she recovered she decided to volunteer at the hospital that saved her life.

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