Postman smashed the door after hearing a faint voice calling for help


Being a postman may seem like a normal job to many, but to some it’s the best job ever. It can be confusing at times due to the multitasking and great care involved in sorting files, but it’s also nice when people smile when they see you. It is true that mailmen in the field make many friends, friendships that can last forever. Look what happened to this man as he traveled his usual route on a sunny day. It’s forever different.


After Josh Hafta left the house in his uniform, he got on his bike and rode to the post office to fill his bag with mail. Driving on the usual road, the man went from door to door, and the man came across an old woman named Alice Bachke, with whom he had developed a special friendship. Alice was 94 and lived alone, and she often invited him over for coffee or something to eat because she was always alone and felt the need to talk to someone. Josh arrives at the woman’s house and knocks on the door, knowing her legs hurt from old age.



He knocked several times, saw no one answered, and once heard a voice inside calling for help. “Please come, I need help!” When Josh heard that faint sound, he knew something was wrong, so he forced the door open and finally got in. The image he saw left him masked. The old woman lay on the ground like a statue. Alice told him what had happened, she fell about a day ago and has not been able to get up since. The man helped her and put her to bed, after which Josh called the ambulance crew so that Alice could be taken to the hospital.


Alice was so happy to know she could count on Josh in the wee hours of the morning. It was her only hope. She considers him a hero, as does the post office where he works, and in return he received a reward for his heroic act. Josh is glad he was able to help his old friend, visits her often and makes sure the woman is well taken care of. Let’s share this beautiful story and spread kindness around the world.

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