People around the world have praised a father of two for what he did in a supermarket


This all happened in Australia. It was an ordinary day and Ryan O’Donnell and his two children went to the supermarket to do some shopping.

Ryan had no idea what would happen at the grocery store that day.

After shopping, Ryan and his two children lined up to pay for their groceries. In front of them was an old woman who tried to use the card to pay for her groceries, but every time she tried, she refused her card.

After repeated attempts, it became clear that the old woman did not have enough money in the card and was ashamed and disappointed about this situation.
Ryan noticed the whole thing and went straight to the register and asked how much the old woman’s purchase cost. She replied that she had to pay $44.


Without thinking, Ryan took the $50 bill from his wallet and handed it to the woman.
The woman was speechless with tears in her eyes and asked Ryan how he could possibly reward the gesture. Ryan had a simple answer: “Don’t worry, have a nice day.”
Another customer of the supermarket saw the whole scene, also took a photo and posted the whole story on one of the social networks.

After the incident broke out, Ryan’s sweet gesture stunned millions of people around the world, who have nothing but words to praise the man.
When a local news station called him and asked why he chose to pay for this old woman’s groceries, Ryan replied simply and humbly, “I did what my parents taught me to help others when I could!”


This story gives us confidence and hope in people in general. Thanks to Ryan, other people can choose to make friendly gestures and help those in need when the opportunity arises.

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