Parents of a baby born with a mermaid tail can hold them in their arms


For the first time, a man named Stephen Shaw and his ex-girlfriend Shelby were ready to become parents. They were looking forward to holding their baby in their arms like any other couple. Unfortunately, Shelby’s scans revealed something shocking when she was 20 weeks pregnant.

The amniotic fluid evaporated and the newborn was missing a kidney. Stefan and Shelby’s hearts are broken when they learn they can’t see their child come into this world alive.

Against all odds, their miracle baby, Joseph, was born by Caesarean section seven weeks ago.


Joseph lacked not only kidneys, but also intestines and reproductive organs. Despite everything, he was still breathing. His legs were welded together, making him look like a mermaid.

“They said Joseph was like a fish from the waist down when I got to the hospital,” Stefan added.

“I had never seen a child like mine. He was like a mermaid, a unique and wonderful child.”


Stefan and Shelby wanted to give their bundle of joy “the best goodbye possible”, even though they knew it wouldn’t work, so they planned to baptize him at the Royal Derby Hospital.


Doctors had to inject air into Joseph during the ceremony to keep him alive.

Stefan, now homeless, described how his baby died gently in his arms after doctors removed the tube.


The grieving parent told Derbyshire Live, “It was incredibly upsetting and extremely difficult to let go of something that meant the world to you.”

Joseph, may you rest in peace.

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