The parents demand that the teacher be jailed for what he did to their son


Educators are the rare people who help shape the minds and education of our children so that they can grow into respectful adults.

Unfortunately, not every coach is equally good. There are also others who treat students with contempt and undermine their self-esteem.


Recently, many people were outraged by an incident in a Chinese classroom. Xiaochen, a high school student at Suyu High School, came home with large red spots on his face that looked like handprints. When his parents inquired about his facial injury, he reported that one of his teachers hit him 12 times. It seemed as if Xiaochen was talking to another student during self-study when the teacher grabbed him from his chair and started beating him in front of the whole class. One of Xiaochen’s classmates claims that the teacher hit a girl before attacking Xiaochen. Xiaochen suffered a concussion as a result of the assault. A few blood vessels ruptured near his eye and he was taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries.


The Beijing Times published a snapshot of the student in his hospital bed at Suqian Chinese Medicine Hospital.

In addition, Xiaochen’s hearing was temporarily weak.
According to local publications, the teacher had previously been fired by the Ministry of Education.
The school covers Xiaochen’s medical expenses. Despite requests from the parents to the student to accuse the coach of hitting their child, this has not been reported.

The story was shared by the Daily Mail and people had no choice but to react. Everyone agrees that no teacher should ever hit a student. There is always a way to handle a problem without violence.

Every teacher should be a role model in the classroom and should never be aggressive.
Some people have speculated that this kind of behavior is not uncommon in China, but we can never know for sure.

What do you think?