She had no idea that she would take a picture that would have a profound impact!


When Anisa Gannon of Gainesville, Georgia, took a picture of a fatal car accident that caused a blockage on her way to work, she had no idea that she would take a picture that would have a profound impact not only on her but also on the families of the victims.


Hannah Simmons, her only 9-month-old daughter, and Hannah’s best friend, Lauren Buteau, had gone for a drive on a sunny afternoon. But Hannah lost control of the car and got into traffic on the other side. All three died, their families were devastated, but they did not know that something would give them much hope soon.

Anisa took that picture just so she could prove to her boss that she wasn’t late because of her guilt, but she wasn’t ready for what she was going to see: a strip of light that shone and seemed to come from the sky to fall right above. the place of the accident.



The woman tells that she knew then, in the depths of her heart, that the image was a sign from heaven that should prove that the three souls who lost their lives are at peace. At the same time, she knew that she had to carry the image of the victims’ families.

When the families saw the picture, they all agreed that it was a sign from a Higher Power that wanted to assure them that although their loved ones were gone from the living, they were now in a better and more beautiful place. This did not alleviate the emptiness in their souls but gave them hope after this tragedy.

Skeptics have commented that it was just a ray of light caused by a window, but Anisa and the grieving families say they know that light means something much more important: peace and hope.

Here is the picture:



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