NEVER Go For Surgery When You Need To Cure An Ingrown Toenail


#1 The cause of an ingrown toenail is an overgrowth of the skin and/or nail, and when that happens it causes a lot of pain. 

Should you experience an ingrown toenail’s early stages, then you are advised to follow treatment plan below to save the situation.



#2 The cure:

  • So as to ensure your skin is softened, the affected foot should be bathed in a mixture of baking soda (3 tablespoons) and warm water (2 liters).
  • Then disinfect some small piece of a cotton ball using an antibacterial liquid.
  • With the help of tweezers, the piece of cotton is placed under your ingrown toenail.
  • The cotton is changed and the whole procedure is repeated every 24 hours for a duration of 15 days and you will be totally cured.

It is as easy as that!


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