The neighbors all laughed at his fence and soon after, the man turned out to be a genius


Floods are a real burden for some people living in areas prone to this problem. Rainfall, failing dams, lack of vegetation, river flooding and melting snow and ice are factors that lead to flooding. Texas is a flood prone area and many events affecting people have been reported over time. In general, floods endanger lives, much damage, rescues and evacuations. A Texan got the idea it was a joke to his neighbors at first, but after a while he laughed more. Be sure to view the attached photos.

When Randy Wagner saw the frequent reports of the floods, he was shocked by the meteorological reports of the announced floods. He started devising emergency plans to protect his family and relatives. After much research on the subject, he weighed up the valid options and made a decision. Finally. The investment of nearly $9,000 will save him a lot of money. Randy discovered a system that consisted of a plastic barrier built around the house that kept water out of the house. He bought all the necessary materials and surrounded his house with about 125 meters of plastic to protect it from the torrential rains that eventually hit his area. Randy calculated what the final repair would cost if he hadn’t built the bulkhead around the house. Do you want to know the sum? At least $150,000.

Floods have always been a concern and have caused a lot of damage to people. Therefore, it is good to be vigilant and think long-term when receiving information about the possibility of such unfortunate events. Randy didn’t listen to the bad voices and his plan paid off. Share this article, tell about Randy’s cool idea!






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