Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish Needs Some Attention From His Owner. You’ll Wonder When You See This!


If you only know that cats and dogs are the only pets that can receive a massage, then you are very wrong. Get ready to meet another animal who lives in water but likes to be caressed the same way dogs and cats do. The only difference between this pet from the others is that it lives in water, and does not have legs to move around hence it’s confined in a place known as the pond.

I used to think that fish never had sentiments. The way the fish swim and their eyes that have no color which seem to be dead are some of the things that convinced me of them being barren of emotions. This is until I saw this video that proved me wrong.


In this video we witness the owner dipping his hand in the pond and stars to caress the fish. Is this not the same way a cat comes to us for a belly rub?

The description that the owner left was that this pet fish was the coolest that they ever had because he just acts like a dog. He waits at the corner of the pond for them to return home from work and call out for his massage!

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