A mother gives birth to twins with identical white hair… and their individual beauty is revealed years later.


Before the birth of their baby, every pregnant couple goes through an enormous amount of excitement and stress. So when you find out you’re expecting twins, it comes with double anxiety, but also double excitement.

The twins’ surprise is even greater for the couple after seeing their two newborns, Snow White…

Jorge Gomez and his wife could never have imagined how much international attention their two adorable daughters would get after their birth in 2018.


increased arousal

Mr and Mrs Gomez were delighted to learn that they were pregnant in 2018. They looked forward to giving their oldest son the title of Big Brother and completing their family.

They went to the doctor regularly, like any responsible pregnant husband, to get checked and make sure everything was okay. During one of those visits, they learned that they were expecting not one but two children: a twin girl.


The challenge of carrying and delivering not one, but two babies comes with some risks, but Ms. Gomez’s pregnancy went very smoothly.

All along, the Gomez family has been thrilled and can’t wait to see their two new daughters. Then the usual preparations followed, e.g. B. Prepare a suitable area for the soon-to-arrive bundles of joy.

However, there was one thing they didn’t expect.

rarer than rare

The two incredibly cute twin girls were 36 weeks premature when they were finally born at a hospital in Tucuman, Argentina. Despite this, Catalina and Virginia, two young fighters, were in excellent shape.


Catalina was the first to weigh 5.95 pounds. Virginia arrived two minutes later weighing 5.5 pounds.

That they were healthy despite early risers was not the biggest surprise.

Catalina and Virginia’s hair was so white they looked nothing like their parents.

Young girls have been diagnosed with albinism, a rare genetic disorder characterized by hypopigmentation of the skin. For example, in the United States, only 1 in 17,000 newborns is born with albinism. Albinism is passed down (inherited) through families, and in most cases both parents must have the albinism gene.



“When they told us we were going to have two children, we were thrilled, and when we found out they had albinism, we were even more ecstatic,” Jorge told a local newspaper.

Catalina and Virginia were the first albino twins born at birth in Argentina.

postpartum doubling


Everyone was taken aback when they discovered they had an uncommon genetic condition. Jorge and his wife, on the other hand, were overjoyed with their new additions.


“When they told us we were having two babies, it brought us a lot of joy, and when they were delivered and we discovered they were albinos, it brought us even more joy,” dad Jorge told LV12.


The twins, on the other hand, bring with them extra safety risks that must be considered. One example is that the daughters, like all people born with albinism, are particularly susceptible to UV radiation, thus the Gomez family must always be extra cautious when it comes to sun protection.


A Promising Future

Catalina and Virginia will reach four years old this year, and as they grow older, they become more and more lovely.


The girls posed in December 2021 in dresses made for them by a close family friend.


Hopefully, their story and these photos can raise awareness about albinism and demonstrate how stunning albino people can be.

Most significantly, the Gomez family has demonstrated that every child, regardless of genetic propensity, deserves to be loved unconditionally.

They’re so adorable! Catalina and Virginia’s story, I believe, shows us that all children, regardless of their genetic makeup, deserve to be cherished and appreciated.

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