When mommy isn’t home, her mother-in-law shaves the baby’s head


Not all people get along with their in-laws and some have well-lit discussions. It happened to a mother after leaving her daughter with her husband and parents. She left the house thinking her baby was in good hands, but when she came back she had a big surprise, not really a surprise.

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It was a sunny day and a visit to the parents seemed like a good idea. The new parents, with their beautiful child, visited the parents of the husband, whom they had not yet visited in this formation. So far everything is going well, when they arrived the mother found that she had to go to the pharmacy to get a prescription.

Without imagining what would have happened if she were gone, she left the baby well behind. It is true that she was a little worried because this was her first child, but she told herself that everything was fine.

Her mother-in-law showed great interest in caring for the baby and was happy to do so without question. It seems that since the birth of the baby, she has been waiting for this opportunity and saw the pictures with her. As soon as the mother left the house, the mother-in-law had a big smile on her face, from ear to ear, stroked the little girl’s hair for a moment and took her to the bathroom.
The mother put her hands on the clippers and began to remove each strand of hair, turning the baby’s head into a small, shiny onion.

You can only imagine what happened when the mother came home to her daughter. her reaction? Not what my mother in law expected!
As any mother reacted when she returned to her child, she began to express her anger towards the father and in-laws. She began to ask aloud why she would do this to her granddaughter without asking her permission.



Her reason was very simple: she didn’t like her tousled hair and thought that children should be bald in the first few months of life.
The angry mother turned to her husband and asked for further explanation, asking him how he could stay there and do nothing.

In a trembling voice he said that his mother asked him for permission to change the appearance of her child, and he agreed and ventured more on the “snapdragon”. In addition, the man helped clean the razor. The second wave of anger began at that moment, as she clearly hadn’t expected her husband to be complicit in this mischief.
The mother calmed down after expressing her anger, but every time she looked at her daughter, another spark appeared, returning her to her previous state of mind. Apparently, her mother-in-law had asked her to let her shave the baby’s head in the past, but she thought it was a joke.


Then the grumpy mother began to realize that she was not joking at the time, which reflects her unusual sense of humor.
After she completely calmed down, she started listing a few rules for her baby, including never changing her appearance without asking. Then she asked her husband to be a man instead of a mother’s child, and she agreed to everything she said and wanted.

She posted the whole story online and people left a lot of comments with different opinions, some saying her father-in-law had done nothing wrong and some agreeing with the mother.
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