Mom Gives Birth To Black And White Twins, Then 7 Years Later Gets Even Bigger News


The unpredictability character of things, which is maybe the most fascinating feature of existence on our planet, is something to be admired. Unexpected events can be painful or even fatal at times, but there are also numerous moments when we are pleasantly delighted by something we never anticipated to happen.

From the surface, Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant look to be a typical married couple, but their DNA proves otherwise. This is shown by the miracle of not just one, but two sets of twins they had!


Alison has fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair, but her partner Dean is of West Indian descent. As a result, he’s naturally darker, with brown hair and eyes, as well as a dark skin tone. In 2001, when the couple found out they were having twins, they expected their children would look like them. The family, however, was shocked when Alison gave birth to Laura and Hayleigh.

Laura had the light skin, blue eyes, and red hair of her mother, while her twin sister looked more like her father. Naturally, Alison and Dean, as well as their family, were taken aback. While this is an incredibly rare occurrence, it is not absolutely unheard of.

The kids experienced comments of incredulity throughout their childhoods, including inquiries from interested peers at school, and the couple was frequently asked questions about how this could have happened. According to statistics provided by a geneticist, the chances of having biracial twins are 1 in 500.

Alison found out she was expecting twins again seven years later! Alison was induced at 37 weeks this time after physicians realized her infants were in the breech position, and the delivery was performed right away. The infants were whisked to intensive care following delivery due to respiratory problems, preventing Alison and Dean from obtaining a decent look at them.



When they were finally able to see their new offspring, they learned that they’d defied even more odds by giving birth to a second set of miraculous mixed twins! Lauren’s younger sister, Leah, shares Lauren’s white complexion and features, while Miya has her father’s – and Lauren’s – darker features.


Even non-identical twins, according to Dr. Sarah Jarvis of the Royal College of General Practitioners, are uncommon. “To have two eggs fertilized and come out different colors is less common,” she continued, “so to have it happen twice must be one in a million.”

“I’m nearly as surprised as the rest of them; there’s no easy way to explain it all,” Dean, the pleased father, told CBS News. “I’m still stunned, even though the first ones were seven years ago; it’s incredible.” Leah and Miya are aided by their two elder sisters, who have helped them navigate the challenges.

“Lauren and Hayleigh are two of my favorite people. My older sisters are my favorites. “When we grow up, we want to be like them,” Leah added. The girls are grateful to have one other, and they claim to have a lot in common despite their physical differences.

“We say the same things and finish each other’s sentences at the same time.” “There are times when I know precisely what she’s thinking,” Hayleigh explained. There are many bizarre secrets in the world, but one thing is certain: Alison and Dean are extraordinarily fortunate to have been given such an exceptional family.

Watch the family discuss their extraordinary life in the video below!

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