Meghan Markle had a nervous breakdown after seeing Prince Harry with another woman.


The image that made Meghan Markle jealous. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have two children together, and now they live in Los Angeles, far from the Royal House. Just three months ago, the former actress gave birth to Lilibet, and this did not allow her to accompany Harry to a polo match, where he met a beautiful young woman.

Meghan Markle managed to separate Prince Harry from his family and convinced her to leave the country where she grew up and start a new life together in the USA. Although the redhead followed her everywhere and always pleased her, it seems that the Duchess of Sussex does not really trust her husband. This explains the fact that she was extremely jealous when she saw a picture of her husband with the woman.


The image that made Meghan Markle jealous. Prince Harry, with a charming young woman


The image that made Meghan Markle jealous. Prince Harry took his wife and son and moved to Los Angeles, away from the rules and traditions of the Royal House. Princess Diana’s youngest son relinquished his royal responsibilities and moved to America. Three months ago, Meghan Markle gave birth to a baby girl named Lilibeth Diana.



Prince Harry attended a charity polo game in Colorado in late August, but the former actress was unable to accompany him and remained at home with her two children, Archie and Lilibeth. However, an image of Harry and his victorious team was posted on the Instagram page of the Aspen Polo Club, which drove the Duchess of Sussex crazy, becoming very jealous. Close friends of the couple stated for the New Idea publication that Meghan would have been upset because in the picture Harry was next to Riley Ganzi, a gorgeous young woman, a 24-year-old polo player. The young woman and her brother played polo with Prince Harry in the August 20 tuner.


“Meghan went crazy as soon as she noticed Riley, who is talented, gorgeous, and very funny. He then found out that Riley’s parents are influential people in the world of polo and are close to Prince Charles “, said the source.

A source close to the two said that Riley is the kind of woman who would have attracted the prince’s attention when he was a bachelor. This was Harry’s first appearance since his daughter was born. The event raised $ 3.5 million to help vulnerable children in South Africa.

It is obvious that Harry is melted by his wife and such a crisis of jealousy had no place, but it seems that Meghan is determined that when her husband participates in another fundraiser not to leave him alone, but she will want to accompany him to make sure that nothing endangers their relationship.

Biographer Robert Jobson, the author of Prince Philip’s Century, said Harry made a big mistake in his relationship with Meghan. According to him, Diana’s son did not prepare his wife for life as a member of the royal family. “It’s a combination of her guilt and his guilt because Harry could better explain to Meghan how things are in the royal family. Maybe he didn’t even want to explain to his wife how things were in his family.

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