She meets her new born sister and gives her a promise


When a couple decides to have a second child, it is not always easy to deal with the feelings and reactions of the firstborn. Will he be happy to become an “older brother” and take care of a younger sister or brother? No one can predict that, but we can certainly work on it. We know that little ones can envy the attention given to a new arrival, even if they don’t have anything to worry about: Mom and Dad love each other just as much!

Little Molly Conley was only two years old when her mother told her she was going to be the big and important sister. Luckily she seemed happy with the news…


Little Molly was delighted from the first moment. For nine months he waited for nothing more than the arrival of his sister. Molly knows exactly what it means to be the “little girl of the house” as her older brother Jack has always taken good care of her. In the end, it was up to her to return the same affection and protection to her younger sister.


She waited and waited until she was disappointed that her younger sister had “missed the Christmas party.” Her mother comforted and reassured her by telling her that she would see her sister again soon and that they would spend many birthdays together.


When it’s finally time to go to the hospital to meet Cora, the newborn sister, Molly can’t control her emotions. As soon as he saw her, his face lit up with a happy smile. Little Molly was all the happier to hold her in her arms for a moment: a beautiful scene filmed by her family where the little girl meets her long-awaited sister. “I just came out of your mother’s womb and I certainly won’t let you fall or go,” she said softly before kissing your forehead.

Obviously, Molly would treat her younger sister with the same love she receives from her family every day!

Here’s the video that captures a priceless scene:

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