The man picked up the guitar and started playing next to his newborn baby


Parents know the amount of ecstasy and pure joy waiting for a child to come into the world, everything to blossom, the problems that used to seem less big and everything to become more colorful, we become more optimistic, more loving and more patient. The days until the big moment are numbered. Ashley and Chris knew that feeling so well that they were so excited to reach the day when they would finally hold their baby and become parents. But something very dark was coming, unexpected events with an enormous amount of pain and confusion.


After seven years of marriage, the two felt much better. The years passed and the days were beautiful and calm. Ashley and Chris were the two guys who never argued, loved every moment together and saw the beauty in everything. When they heard that their great love would lead to the birth of a child, their joy increased tenfold.


They posted the large ad on Facebook, a photo of the two smiling like babies and holding a pair of baby shoes. The two woke up happy and fell asleep happy. They have made preparations, thought of everything that needs to be done, such as changes taking place, adjusting the program to the needs of the child, or redesigning the interior of the house. Shop all necessary products and items for a nursery by gender. Little did they know that shocking news was just around the corner. As the day drew to a close, they both focused on keeping things positive.



The big moment came and Ashley was hospitalized. The emergency cesarean section resulted in serious complications that led to her death. However, the boy was born prematurely. Chris has completely changed since the sobering event he went through. He was just devastated and couldn’t see life without his partner Ashley. He knew that even when the pain was great, he needed to focus on raising little Lennon, who had a future ahead of him.


Two days later, the sky turned black as the boy died. It is truly tragic and painful to read such life stories. In the attached video, you can hear and see Chris playing a song for his son just before the tragic moment. You can feel in his voice a little bit of the pain he feels in the hope that someone out there is watching.

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