The man found a child left on the street in a shoebox


What this man has achieved is extraordinary and deserves all praise; Here is his wonderful story.

In the 1980s, China introduced a new child policy (each couple can only have one child), which led to many abortions as parents found out the sex of the child and many abandoned children. Having a wife wasn’t exactly ideal in China back then. The boys had better opportunities for paid work. However, not all fathers miscarried; Some of them killed their children because they had girls, while others left them in shoeboxes on the street. On the other hand, Yu Shangzhong refused to allow it.



According to News Asia, Yu Shangzhong and his wife adopted their first daughter 35 years ago, when he was 40. Four years later, he saw an abandoned girl in a shoebox on the street and he couldn’t bring herself to leave her there, so he took her home, adopted her, and they adopted 12 women over the years.


It was not always easy for them, their eldest daughter said: “It was difficult for me. My mother carried me on her back, took food from the street and begged when I was a child. Strangers gave us money and clothes. challenges, they eventually found other fathers to adopt their daughters.” The Elders Two of the 12 girls are already studying and only five of the 12 girls have stayed with their adoptive parents.

Yu’s children gathered on her 70th birthday and presented her with a gold ring as a token of appreciation. This story should serve as a reminder of how lucky we are to live in this part of the world. It’s hard not to influence Yu’s devotion to these little children who were abandoned by their parents when there was so little to eat!

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