Make Your Eyes Look Bugger And Prettier By Following These Easy Steps.


We all know that God created us in his own image, and we are beautiful in all aspects. But it is a common thing for women to put on make-up so that they can look prettier. It is so lovely to see a woman with big and lovely eyes! In the tutorial below that is brought to us by Aly Art, we learn a simple trick of making our eyes look bigger and adorable, which will make people say that it was love at the first sight or something of the sort.

To do it, first:

  • Apply a light foundation using a pencil or concealer to bring the effect of forward eyes.
  • Apply a white eye shadow on your eye lids preferably matt because it will not reflect light.
  • Apply neutral matt eye shadow above the eye lids
  • Apply a natural eye shadow on the lower eye lid just below the lashes.
  • Using a thin wet brush, apply a grey or dark brown color on the lash line just very close to the lashes.
  • Apply the shadowing on the eye lashes using a mascara wand starting from the roots outwards.
  • Using a volumizer, apply another layer at the lashes to have that spider lashed effect.

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