It Looked Like Any Other Cake – When It’s Cut Inside? Cuteness Overload!


I think by now you might have come across several cakes that have sweet surprises waiting once they’re cut. From green shamrocks to hidden rainbows – but the cake you’re about to meet has taken creativity to another level.

Within this video, we are being taught how to come up with some “Surprise Crepe Cake,” by the household cook.Just by having a look at it, you won’t know a special surprise is hidden beneath the icing and the cake until it is cut.This is something you have to witness by yourself, kindly watch this video and see how the beautiful surprise is unveiled.


It’s a video which is worth watching since once you’re through, you will have mastered all the needed ingredients. I found the step-by-step instructions to be so straight forward and I think I’m going to give it a try once I’m home.

If you have been looking for something to surprise your family and friends with, this is the video for you. Do you think this is a recipe you’re going to try?

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