This Little Home Looks Tiny But The Interior Is Simply Unbelievable! I Need One!


The Architectural world has really gone to another level. In the current world, there exists many tiny homes of different designs. Have you ever questioned yourself why numerous designs like that have come up? The real issue is that people are tirelessly looking for simple, appropriate, and comfy places to reside.


I have had the opportunity of coming across numerous house designs that look splendid, but the latest design that I lay my eyes on is the best when you take a look at its interior. The interior looks simple but complex at the same time.

The architect of this design is known as Doug Schroeder. He is a professional constructor from Timbercraft Tiny Homes. This house has even the latest electrical appliances in it.

Because the kitchen and the drainage structure is in-built, travelling is not a problem. Although it has a robust frame and the latest features, the inside simply creates the wonderful atmosphere.

Up to date, the company has constructed a few of these tiny homes. But there is a proposal of handing the best to its clients by working together with them to construct real amazing homes.

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Doug Schroeder’s Alabama-based firm, Timbercraft Tiny Homes, specializes in customizing minimalist tiny homes. Schroeder, who has over 20 years of building experience, unveils a new 150-square-foot design.

242-600x400Timbercraft Tiny Homes

The best feature of the home is, undoubtedly, its interior. Inside, sleek, sophisticated lines are paired with warm, cozy tones.

594-600x398Timbercraft Tiny Homes

The mobile “cottage” is equipped with a stainless steel sink, pine slab countertops, and a two-burner propane cooktop.

361-600x899Timbercraft Tiny Homes




At the back of the home, you’ll find a bath and a composting toilet.

534-600x903Timbercraft Tiny Homes

There are conveniently-placed painted cabinets beside the kitchen area.

574-600x903Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Schroeder has built an open-cell spray foam insulation system for the tiny home.

844-600x903Timbercraft Tiny Homes



The standard heating and cooling unit in the home is a “through-the-wall” unit with an air conditioner and heat pump.

744-600x398Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Schroeder has also installed a three-inch sewer drain that can be hooked up to a septic, rank, or sewer system. A garden hose-style water hookup is used for water.

764-600x385Timbercraft Tiny Homes

As of now, the tiny homes Schroeder designs can measure from 8’x16′ to 8’x24′. Each of them has a foldout porch.

527-600x895Timbercraft Tiny Homes

This unique, cozy Timbercraft cottage can give you the freedom and opportunity to travel to places you’ve always dreamed of going.

1615-600x400Timbercraft Tiny Homes

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