Life-Saving Tips For All Those With Blood Type 0!


Those with type O blood are pretty special. They have a universal type of blood that is good for any recipient no matter their blood type, although they are only able to get type O blood. The unique nature of type O blood also has some downfalls for the person in that it happens to be more prone to disease than other blood types.

Those with type O blood are more likely to have diseases such as iodine deficiency, thyroid hormones that are low, other thyroid dysfunction, and ulcers. These diseases can all cause weight gain, water retention, and other negative health conditions. Those that are type O that lead sedentary lifestyles, poor diet choices and other unhealthy habits are more prone to metabolic processes, such as thyroid dysfunction or insulin resistance. People with type O blood should remove both alcohol and caffeine from their diet as they can impact their adrenaline levels. It’s also recommended that they exercise about three to four times every week.


In Japan, during interviews, potential employees are asked what blood type they are because they have linked this to a particular personality type. They have found those with type O blood to be dedicated, focused, responsible, thorough, practical, and logical thinkers. However, they also believe that while under stress these individuals may be impulsive, hyperactive, and at times angry.


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