You as the Key to Feeling Loved In a Relationship


Everyone strives to feel loved. It will bother you if you feel as if you are not being loved. Many will try to feel loved through various deeds and actions. You will be glad to know that you do no need all these to enjoy the feeling of love. Before you appreciate someone else’s love, you need to love yourself first. This will trickle down to every other relationship.

Many people feel that for them to complete their lives, they need to be loved. This is a wrong assumption. Someone else’s love only enhances your life but you should not think of it as filling a void in your life. With this assumption, you will search through eternity with nothing to show for it. Every time you feel like you are not beautiful or you are not capable of standing out, then these are just excuses that show you do not love yourself just as you are. It gets easier to fall in love if you love and appreciate who you are as a person.


The assumption about love comes as a result of external factors which portray it as reliance on other people or items. More than usual, the movies you watch and books you read cultivates this assumption. Unlike many believes, making a sacrifice all the time in the name of love, does not count as love. Its good to treat someone you love in a good way, but if you have to do nice things to keep your partner around you…. that is a different aspect all together.

As you get started on the journey of loving yourself, start with looking at why you seem to feel unloved. These addresses the issues that are making you low. Once you deal with these issues, you are on the right track to loving you as you. You will realize that you are more positive about yourself with time.

Looking at your concerns, you will realize that they have nothing to do with your being. Rather, you are trying to live to fulfill what the society and/or your friends are expecting. Even worse, what these groups want may just be your own perception. Once you realize that it is all in your head, you will start to change it gradually. You are way more than what your friends an the society thinks. As you accept and love who you love, your will also learn to love someone else and feel loved in the relationship.

What do you think?