Kelly Osborne Debunks Rumors That She Had Plastic Surgery After Debuting New Look


Let’s be honest: Kelly Osbourne looks amazing. She has really made herself a priority, and it shows. In 2020, despite the pandemic, she decided she was going to prioritize herself, and in the process, she dropped 85 pounds.

The weight loss wasn’t an accident. She had a gastric bypass sleeve to help her drop the pounds, but that still doesn’t mean it was easy. She has kept the weight off, and she is owning her new look.

Currently, Osbourne is feeling confident with purple hair, but her slender frame and her hair color aren’t the only things that have changed. Fans have been wondering if she also had plastic surgery.

Instead of letting rumors get out of control, Osbourne simply decided to address them. In a video that she posted to Instagram, she discusses the topic head on. She captioned the video, “Let’s squash these stupid rumours!!! Can’t you just be happy for me?”

In the video, Osbourne has her hair on top of her head in two buns. Meanwhile, someone is touching up her makeup. Osbourne talks to the camera saying, “I just want to bring up a topic that you guys are all talking about because I’m always really honest and really upfront about what I’ve done to my body and who I am.”

Then, Osbourne answers the question many people have been asking. Has she has plastic surgery? Osbourne answered, “And I’ve not had plastic surgery.”

She continued by pointing out any modifications she has made to enhance her face’s beauty. “I have never done anything to my face, other than a couple of injections in my lips, in my jaw and in my forehead here. I do not lie.”


Osbourne’s statements were straightforward, and it’s obvious that she hopes the rumor mill will quit spreading lies about her. She ended the video by pointing out that she’s going to take the plastic surgery rumors as a compliment. Her final statement before turning off the camera was, “but thank you for the compliment.”

The comments on her video are overwhelmingly positive with followers telling her she’s “absolutely gorgeous” and, “you look like your mum.” Other fans encourage her to ignore the chatter and not worry about what people think.

What do you think of Osbourne’s look? Do you think it looks like she’s had plastic surgery? Do you think she looks like her mom?

What do you think?