Julia Roberts’s daughter is now an adorable adult version of the Academy Award winner.


There are times when we hear of kids that resemble their parents, and we might even notice a slight family resemblance. But every now and again the likeness is so striking that it genuinely surprises us. That is the case with Julia Roberts,

who formerly relished her position as one of the world’s most well-known movie stars. She received recognition for her acting abilities and appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters of the day.

She has now all but vanished from the scene, much like many actors who were formerly quite well-known.


Rarely do we learn anything new about her or her recent activities. Although she recently appeared in a few films, they don’t compare to the roles she played at the height of her career.

Because of her social media presence, we do hear from her. Being able to talk to famous people and follow them throughout their lives and careers is a really uncommon chance. Roberts rarely updates her social media accounts as many other celebrities do.

She might or might not be the owner of the Twitter account with her name, but it does have more than 500,000 followers. She hasn’t added anything to it, though, until now.

Additionally, she doesn’t have a personal account on Instagram, and it doesn’t seem like she uses Facebook in a public way.

Roberts admitted in an interview with InStyle that she wasn’t really interested in social media. She believes that other priorities come before keeping an eye on Hollywood.


What’s a good comparison? It’s similar to when people talk about a TV show: even if I may be completely aware of the plot and characters, that doesn’t mean I watch the show. It is seen by some of my other pals, and they have told me about it. I’m referring to the topic of Instagram. On every smartphone is Instagram. If I owned it, I would constantly be glancing at it.


The fact that Roberts has a lovely husband and three children who play a significant role in her life is one thing that is known about her.

She always seemed to be in a relationship with actors who appeared on screen beside her while she was a major star in Hollywood. She even spent a brief period of time married to Lyle Lovett.

She eventually wed Daniel Moder, a cinematographer, even though their first marriage was short-lived.

They connected while filming The Mexican, and they later were hitched in 2002. They appear to be very content and have been together for 16 years.

He is the one who, in Robert’s words in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “makes my life my life, make sense, and just shine inside of me.” From it, everything has resulted.


In 2004, she gave birth to Phinnaeus and Hazel, twins. Three years later, their son Henry was born.

Some celebrities routinely share photos of their kids on social media. Roberts rarely uploads any photos.

We are starting to discover more about her children now that they are older.

Roberts had a purpose for wanting to shield her kids from the media. She clarifies:

“We work to keep our kids safe. We simply want to maintain our family life without interference.

Roberts was easily recognized when she appeared on the screen. Therefore, it is not surprising that we can also make out her daughter, Hazel. They have certain distinctive traits in common.

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