James Woods announces lawsuit against Twitter and Democrats for censoring him about Hunter Biden


Actor James Woods informed on Tucker Carlson Tonight that he is going to sue the Democratic Party and Twitter for the censorship that the social network had against him thanks to pressure from President Joe Biden’s political party.

This follows Friday’s revelations by Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, about what was going on behind the scenes at Twitter
, which were revealed by independent journalist Matt Taibbi.

Elon Musk’s revelations led him to make the decision
“Celebrities and strangers alike could be deleted or reviewed at the behest of a political party,” Taibbi wrote alongside a screenshot of an email exchange between Twitter employees.

On Friday night, as Musk released the so-called ‘Twitter Files’, Woods called into Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to report that he plans to sue the Democratic National Committee for damage done to his career after being censored for talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop.


“I can guarantee you one thing more than anything you’ll ever hear in your life: I’m going to get a lawyer. I’m going to sue the Democratic National Committee no matter what,” he said.

“Win or lose, I’m going to stand up for the rights that every American – not a so-called celebrity. I’m not a celebrity…I’m hardly recognized anymore because my career has been destroyed by these same people.”

Woods commented that it was a compliment of sorts for him to be noticed by the Democratic Party and Twitter, calling himself a “rare conservative in Hollywood.”
“I think it’s a compliment, but, it’s a big price to pay. It’s not a lot of fun. I loved my career for 50 years. I was happy being an award-winning, honored, and appreciated actor, and I miss my career,” he said.

In May 2019, Woods stated that he would stop using Twitter after claiming that the social media platform had deleted a Tweet he refused to delete.

“Twitter demanded that I rescind my tweet paraphrasing Emerson,” he said. “Now it seems they have decided to delete that tweet from my account without my permission. Until free speech is allowed on Twitter, I will not be allowed to participate in our democracy with my voice. As long as Jack Dorsey remains the coward he appears to be, my days on Twitter are in the past.”

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