“If I’m king, I’ll punish you,” Prince William threatened angrily.


Despite his birth as king, Prince William does not seem to have always been a prince in the traditional sense. It took time, patience and new tasks to get to where we are today. Because Diana’s eldest son, the princess of hearts, terrorized everyone as a child.

Apparently William was a tough kid. There is evidence that Queen Elizabeth has complained to Prince Philip about her cousin’s behavior. As Tina Brown points out in her book Palace Papers, he even called it “out of control”.

“When she heard her cousin say, ‘If I become king, I’ll make a new rule,’ she was not amused,” Brown wrote on PageSix.com.


On the other hand, Diana’s mother admitted that William, then known as “Wombat”, became uncontrollable when she and Charles returned from a royal tour of Canada in 1983. He destroyed everything in his path, including tables and lamps.

The most humbling experience for Prince William, remembered to this day by the entire royal family. “If I become king, I will punish you,” he swore to himself as a child.

The day was filled with arguments between little William and his babysitter, Barbara Barnes. But one of Prince William’s most humbling moments, remembered by all members of the royal family, was when the young prince’s responsible threatened himself.


By the time he was four, he had an ugly tendency to yell at his nanny, Barbara Barnes, “Nobody’s going to tell me what to do! According to PageSix.com, “If I become king, I’ll punish you. ”

However, Williams’ company did not escape the Highgrove guard. In particular Williams water pistols. He was known as “Bashir’s Commandments” in kindergarten.

After all the cheating, William became more understanding and better around the age of six. But his younger brother Harry took his place. Another memorable episode for those in the garden concerns the latter.

According to PageSix.com, Charles’ immediate response was, “Look at me, I’m covered in sheep dung.”

William became a close friend of his mother Diana.

Over time, William became a confidante of Diana. For the wisdom he gave her, the princess called him “my sage”.

When William wrote “I hate to see you sad” on some blocks hidden behind the bathroom door his mother had locked, his parents got into a heated argument.

“William understood Diana better than Harry, but he adored her to a lesser extent…(…) He knew their romantic lives and he also knew that she got along with them,” says Brown’s book.

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