If you have similar oily globules under your skin, you should know the following:


If you notice ball-like objects forming under your skin you want to keep reading. While these fatty balls are not painful you may want to have them removed.

They are sebum balls and they appear under the skin. They are not cancerous.

They are known as lipomas and they are the growth of fatty tissue. They can appear anywhere on the body.

They are the most common type of tumor that is found in the soft tissue.

Lipomas are not cancerous and they are often harmless to your health.

If the fat balls bother you, you can get them removed. It may not be recommended unless they are on a large portion of the body, are getting larger, or if you are in pain due to them.

There is only a minimal chance they will become cancerous.

The lipomas can appear anywhere on the body. They are common on the thighs, torso, upper arm, and the chest. The average age for people to notice the lipomas is between the ages of 40 and 60 years old.

The lipomas are often pea-size. Some can grow to be 3cm or larger. They often grow slowly and they are mobile or can be moved around. They have a rubber-like feeling.

There are different types of lipomas. There is no too much difference in their makeup.

Here are the types of lipomas (fat balls):
Fibrolipoma is made from fat cells and fibrous tissue
Adenolipomas form in the sweat glands
Simple lipomas are the most common and consist of white fat cells
Hibernoma is made from the brown adipose tissues
Angiolipomas are composed of blood vessels and fat tissue
Lipoma of spindle cells – observed in elderly people as males are most often affected by it
Myelolipoma – composed of fats and tissues that build blood vessels
Intradermal spindle cell lipoma – this type of lipoma is most common in female sex representatives
Pleomorphic lipoma – what distinguishes it from other lipomas is that it has different shapes and sizes
Atypical lipoma – It is composed of deeper fats with a large number of cells.

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