I Will Never Let What I Eat Take Me Into Captivity After This!… This Is Why


‘FED UP’ is the name of the documentary that is trailer is highlighting. It highlights some vital information on the food industry which a big part of the American citizens might be unaware of. It reveals this as being the reason why most fatal diseases and health problems have emerged and are not likely to end any time soon. The probability of having an unhealthy nation in the near future is a thing that is being predicted here.

Most ailments have been shown through research to have something to do with sugar. Just like one gets addicted to smoking, sugar is known to have similar effects to its consumers. This trailer lets its viewers to be informed about what they eat on a regular basis. The necessity of fighting against our downfall by letting what we eat take us into captivity is what we should avoid according to the trailer.


It is certain that by the end of it you will be surprised by one fact or the other.

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