Husband Accidentally Buys Wife a Dog Sweater


It would have been a thoughtful gift, if not for one thing. A Texas woman shared why the sweater her husband bought her was a bit odd – it turned out to be for a dog.

“My husband bought me a sweater from dirt cheap because it had a red truck on it because I love red truck stuff,” she explained in the video’s description.

“When he gave it to me I tried it on,” she continued.

That’s when she noticed it fit strangely. She told her husband it looked “plum weird” and asked him why the back was so short. She didn’t know what was going on until she turned it around and noticed how her arms moved!



“[I] started laughing because I knew it was a dog sweater because of the way it fits! I laughed so hard,” she said.

And the proof positive was in what she found around the neck of the sweater.

Watch the video below as she recounts the funny story and gives a demonstration of the now infamous Christmas sweater!

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