How Comes None Noticed it for two decades until NOW


An elderly man by the name Roque “Rocky” Abalsamo did a very heart touching act for a period of 20 years. His wife Julita” Echeverria Abalsamo, had passed away in 1993 and since then he seemed to have found something new to do. He diligently sat by her grave side which was located in St. Joseph Cemetery in Boston, MA. He neither ate nor drank, he braved the snow, cold and rain just to be by her side.

He had married Julita in 1937 and never imagined he will ever leave her.



The very first day he met her, she was talking with her friends. That meeting took place in their native Buenos Aires and Rocky felt he needed to know better this woman who was full of goodness and love. They went ahead and married each other and lived a happy life that both enjoyed. Their marriage was blessed with two children who relocated to the United States and they eventually had to join them there.
The couple had lived together for 55 years when Julita had to undergo a heart surgery. The complications of the surgery caused her death. He was very distressed by the thought of staying without her. That is what prompted him to stay by her graveside for two decades.
All of a sudden he became a local celebrity within Boston. People visited him by the graveside of his wife too bring him food and clothing. Some visitors observed some silence. Independent of the duration of their visit, they never failed to notice his love for his wife.
Sadly, Rocky passed away on 22nd January. His death took place at Stonehedge Health Care Center at 97 years of age. He had been experiencing failed health for sometime. Though his family will definitely miss him, his reunion with Julita finally took place.

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