A high school student invites someone special to his graduation party.


Prom is one of those unforgettable experiences that many seniors look forward to from the moment they arrive on campus as new students. However, some students never make it to their graduation for various reasons.

Dakota Wollan, a student at Watford City High School in Watford City, North Dakota, had no intention of attending his graduation ceremony. Although there were others in his class he could ask, he didn’t really want to.


On the other hand, his father had a brilliant idea.

Dakota went to his grandmother to ask him.

A high school student was drawn to the idea, so he made an ad for his 92-year-old grandmother.

“I have this old truck she gave me; it’s a 1985 Ford that I inherited and I repaired it.” “I took this truck and made a sign,” he explained to KFYR.

He said he was still “very concerned” despite asking a family member.


On the other hand, Madeline Miller had been beaten, so he had nothing to worry about.

“I’ve never been to a ball,” she explained.

“I was just curious why the 92-year-old would take him to his prom when there are so many little girls at school,” explains Madeline.

Dakota claimed he wouldn’t have gone to his last ball if it weren’t for his great-grandmother, and his grandmother wouldn’t have gone to her first if it wasn’t for him.

At the graduation ceremony at Watford City High School, the two had great success.

“Everyone really went crazy when we hit the floor,” Dakota added.

“Walking next to my grandson, hearing this music as we move, people cheering and screaming,” Madeleine recalls of her favorite aspects of dancing.

That was a great gesture! I am so excited to hear that both my grandson and grandmother had a great time at the prom.

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