After hearing her story, a young man shows an elderly lady his first-class ticket.


Violet, an 88-year-old retired nurse, had no idea that she was about to have one of the most amazing experiences of her life when she boarded a plane back to the UK after visiting her daughter in New York.

Violet had a chat with young Briton Jack before boarding the plane, during which Violet revealed that her goal was to fly at the front of the plane.


Unbeknownst to them, Jack and his family traveled first class, and what he did when he boarded the plane earned him world-class accolades.

Violet was notified by a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant when she boarded the plane that she would be swapping seats with a first-class passenger so Violet could return home in style and fulfill her dream.

Leah Amy, a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, took pictures of the two friends and posted them to Facebook in 2019 with the comment:

“I’ve had the pleasure of sponsoring football players, models and some Hollywood movie stars on hundreds of flights, but let me tell you about my absolute favorite drivers!”

“Violet and Jack” (wish her name was Vera or Rose). On a flight home from New York, Jack and his family booked seats in our premium cabin, but as soon as she got on the plane, Jack looked for Violet in economy class and swapped seats with her.


He says, “The goodness of his heart.”

“He then stayed in the row of seats next to the economy toilets for the duration of the flight, without looking or asking for anything.” He did it out of the generosity of his heart, without fanfare or interest, and he didn’t ask anyone.

Violet is 88 years old and works as a nurse in both the UK and the US. She visits her daughter in New York but has not been able to do that for a while because of a knee prosthesis. Her childhood dream of being on The Front Row has come true thanks to Jack.

“You should have seen her face when I tucked her in her bed after supper,” says the narrator. She claimed that her daughter would not believe her and that she needed a’selfie’ to prove it, but she lacked a phone number or an email address. Can you handle these images being sent in the mail tomorrow?”


Leah’s article has since gone viral, with over 4,000 likes and 1,500 comments praising the efforts of this young man.


What a gentleman he is! The respect and love he offered this octogenarian should motivate us all to do something amazing for our parents and grandparents.

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