He Gives Pizza Delivery A New Touch! Watch This And See How He Does It.


I can’t shy revealing that am a pizza lover…hope you too love pizza. A new invention is out of the box to make delivery of pizza more convenient. It brings about a yummier experience for all kinds of pizza deliveries!

Improving on wasteful packaging of food is what producers of this video and inventors of the GreenBox are aiming at. It is the first product that Ecovention, LLC has put into the market. This pizza box is made from materials that are 100 %recycled.

The need for disposable plates is long gone as one can easily convert the GreenBox’s top into serving plates. Plastic bags, tin foils and plastic wraps will no longer be required for storing any remnants as it is easy to convert its bottom part into a packaging storage container. Disposing it into any standard-sized recycling bin is never hard as it has scores and perforations when makes it possible. No additional redesigning and remodelling is required when making use of the GreenBox at any given level.


This is amazing! Hoping it becomes the next pizza delivery method for the future. Cant mind getting my pizza in a mother customized way!

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