He came from work and saw that there was something in their child


Parents should be very careful about their children’s behavior when they are young because they are trying to communicate something to us like the fact that they are not feeling well and need medical attention. We can realize that the child is not healthy when we analyze his general condition, for example he feels weak, upset, cries a lot, does not feel like playing. A Manchester couple went through very difficult moments when they learned that their beloved child was about to die. He is indeed a very young child, but the man’s reaction proves that sometimes we have to listen carefully. You must read this article.

Stu Boncell came home after a long day at work and when he arrived he noticed that his newborn daughter was crying differently and anxiously. He asked his wife Tracy about it and she told him she didn’t know what to do, the baby had been crying for hours. Without thinking, they went to the hospital. After conducting some tests, the doctors concluded that the child urgently needed to be taken to a specialized children’s hospital.

In the second hospital, the doctors said: blood poisoning. While it was strange for a child to have a blood infection at such a young age, it was very important for a child to catch it early. This disease is a blood infection that, if not detected in time, can lead to very dangerous sepsis, leading to organ failure and ultimately death. Fortunately, this was not the case with Little Angel Stu and Tracy.



Stowe listened very carefully to his instincts and headed straight to the hospital to see what was going on. The girl fell into a coma and began appropriate treatment. Fortunately, she recovered well and made a full recovery. It’s a real case and they were very lucky to find out in time. Stu and Tracy want to sound the alarm, share experiences and urge other parents to take immediate action in such situations. Please share this story as often as possible to draw everyone’s attention to the need to check for symptoms in a timely manner, especially when it comes to children.


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