Having A Mosquito Problem


Imagine you’re having a nice BBQ session in summer, and then the mosquitoes pay you a visit in the middle of things. Sounds scary? In fact it’s almost gory. It’s undesirable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t so something about it. In fact, there are so many ways of keeping those little blood-suckers at bay, but this one here will really get you. Stay here!

It’s all about being smart. How about making some very effective mosquito repellant? Sounds good, and now you really want to know how it’s done. It’s quite easy. Get these:

  • Floating tea candles
  • Lemon wedges – about 2
  • Water – fill the jar
  • Lemon Eucalyptus oil
  • Lime wedges – about 2
  • Rosemary – about 2 frigs

The process is very easy. You just need to mix up the stuff and get it ready. The Lemon Eucalyptus oil is the active ingredient here,and you can get very cheaply at Amazon. With just a few dollars, you can make your own mosquito repellant and survive the summer like a champion!

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mason_jar_mosquito_repellantRay @ Tip Hero

Here’s What You’ll Need:

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