have a baby for the youngest mother in the world


How far would you go to have a baby? It’s an interesting question that introduces a lot of “if” into the equation.

What if the child’s life is in danger? If the fetus is born with severe malformations or has a debilitating genetic disease. What if you can’t have a child? Do you spend all your money and then others on the slim chance of getting pregnant?


What if you are in danger? Do you keep trying to get pregnant knowing childbirth could kill you? Are some of these risks significant, or is the idea of having children so sacred that nothing can stand in the way of becoming a father?



Well, for the youngest mother in the world, all those things were true, and even more. Stacy Herald lives in Kentucky and is one of the shortest women to conceive and give birth at just 27 inches tall. Despite the risks, he succeeded.

Those who did not believe in their chances were of course right. Stacey’s daughter Katrey, her first child, was born by cesarean section at just 28 weeks. The second assignment was more difficult. Macaya was born the same way. Her son, Malachi, was diagnosed with serious medical problems after his birth. Doctors saved him, leading her parents to believe that God had taken care of them and had a plan for each of them.

The Herald family considers all three of their children to be miracles. They believe in their love and want a world full of children, no matter what science says.

What do you think?