What She Does With A Hanging Shoe Caddy Is Something I Have Never Thought About – So Clever!


Since most of us operate from houses with limited space, being organized matters a lot. I’m not saying that those who have a lot of space should be disorganized – all in all, all of us need storage solutions. Today, I have brought you a versatile storage solution that holds a number of things though it is commonly associated with shoes.

Some of the thing you can store in these shoe organizers include:

  • Hair accessories such as straighteners, curling irons, brushes, bows, clips, head bands etc.
  • Dog supplies such as brushes, collars, leashes, treats, bones, stuffed animals, toys etc.
  • Bra organizers when you need them not to get crushed in the drawer
  • Tights, pantyhose, nylons, socks
  • Children’s treats and snack bars
  • Cleaners
  • Medicine as far as you ensure they are out of the children’s reach

The list is endless when it comes to what you can store on them. They are normally neatly positioned behind the door.  Just take your time and think of what you will be needing them for and then try them out.



So many water bottles, so little space.

Always good to be hydrated, but if your clutter of water bottles is taking up too much space in the kitchen, a shoe organizer is the perfect fit!



Perfect Planter

What a fun idea for an herb garden. You can label each herb or plant by pinning on decorative tags. See how to make this here.


Wrap it up!

Gift wrap will stay clean and look fresh in a shoe organizer. Cut through the bottom of two rows of pockets towards the bottom and slide the gift wrap inside.


Snack stash!

This is a great way to keep track of produce or snacks. Plus, all of these pockets can increase your supply of fruits and veggies!


Hide your office!

This is a clever way to turn a closet into an office. A hanging shoe organizer adds a lot of organization to this small space. Create your own office closet.


Keepin’ kids organized!

Stash a variety of arts and crafts supplies in a shoe caddy.


Scarves finally have a home!

Keep winter gear organized and out of the way. Plus, it’s simple to see which scarf you may need.


Outdoor supplies

Garden tools stay neatly organized in a shoe caddy.



Roll ’em up

Keep kids’ clothes and undergarments in one easy-to-find spot.


Take it camping!

Camping supplies are easy to reach and organize when you take a shoe caddy.


Easy-to-reach first aid

For first aid and medicine, easily find what you need when you need it, by storing supplies in a shoe organizer.


Cleaning Supplies

Don’t waste needed shelf space on cleaning supplies. Fit them into a shoe caddy. You can also add a closet-style shoe rack to store paper towels!


Love spraying paint?

Cans of spray paint fit perfectly into a shoe caddy. Two for each pocket!


Upgrade your utility closet!

Don’t lose track of your cords and chargers with a shoe caddy. Since cords all look the same, you can also label them to keep track of what they go to.


Keep Legos in one spot!

Legos scatter everywhere, but with a shoe caddy you can do your best to help kids keep them stored in one place.


Short on bathroom space?

Make more room in the bathroom cupboards and drawers by storing makeup and bathroom necessities in a shoe caddy.


Organize and entertain!

Keep kids entertained and organized while you’re on-the-go.



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