Get A Scary Look By Just Using Some Colors And A Geometric Shape. I’ll Be Going For This Costume!


Halloween season is back again! What should be ringing in your mind is the type of costume that you will be putting on, come the ceremony day.

Until now, we have seen quite a number of makeup hacks that are easy to come up with and are adorable even to your family and friends. A book tutorial gives the best idea on the ideal costume of the classic Roy Lichtenstein or Marvel heroines/pop art paintings. For a scary look, just try the unfastened zombie mask. It will definitely scare the hell out of anybody come this October 31st.

YouTube makeup sensation dope211 is back again, but this time with another way of getting yourself looking scary without spending much. The trick only needs you to buy a face paint palette of 12 colors, similar to the one she employs in the clip below.


Even though it may look to be complex, with a patience and determination on your hand, there is no barrier that will make you not attain the scary look. With a wig, get ready to see people taking to their heels!

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