From A Scarf To A Skirt


There is something that I come across that left me wondering why how on earth I had never thought of such a thing before. Like for instance, I had a rough time when I went to the beach and only to find out that I had no other spare skirt for me to put on since the one I had was wet and dirty. I had to stay indoors for it to dry up before hitting the outside again. So, when I was back home on the internet, I laid my eyes on this lovely project that I wished I had known of it before so that I would never have spent all that precious time indoors.


The hack is about how you can easily turn a scarf into a skirt without much effort. This project is brought to us by, and the best thing with it is that within three minutes or less, your scarf seizes to become a scarf and plats the role as a skirt. Apart from this, you don’t need to cut the scarf or do some sewing.

Watch the hack video below and get that concept of turning a scarf into an outfit. Please SHARE this tip to all your family and friends on Facebook!

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