Formerly the world’s most prominent rockstar, he has undergone such a transformation that I can no longer recognize him.


During his vacation with his wife in St. Barts, rockstar Sir Paul McCartney was spotted sporting a man bun while taking photos. The music legend, who rose to fame as a member of The Beatles, wore his hair up in a display of modern fashion as he stood beside his beloved wife, 61-year-old Nancy Shevell. The 78-year-old singer was enjoying his annual vacation to the Caribbean island despite the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down much travel across the globe.

Although McCartney is nearing 80-years-old, he proved that he is still young at heart by trying a new hairstyle despite his “advanced” age. Meanwhile, his wife looked stylish in a pink top with a brown fedora and large sunglasses.


Ever since he first came onto the music scene as a member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney and the other members of the band were always famous for their hairstyle. Throughout his life, McCartney has kept his hair on the longer side. His new man bun style proves that he is still experimenting with his hairstyle all these years later.

A few years ago, in 2018, McCartney made headlines for his hair because he stopped dying it and allowed his natural grey color to come through. This was a big change for the aging rockstar as he had maintained the auburn hair look for decades.


Besides his trip to St. Barts, McCartney had a busy holiday season. He launched a new album entitled McCartney III, which he wrote and recorded while in lockdown.

When promoting the new album, McCartney sat down with actor Idris Elba and confessed that he “didn’t realize” exactly what he was creating as he worked on the album during the lockdown.



“[In] lockdown, everyone cleaned out their cupboards and did all the stuff they’d been meaning to get around to. So [making an album] was my equivalent,” he said. “I wasn’t trying to make an album. So I had these ten songs, I thought, What am I going to do with these? It was just the ten as I didn’t know I was making an album.”

As for the name of the album, McCartney told Elba that there was really only one reason he called it McCartney III.


“I realized, because I played them myself, I’d done McCartney I and McCartney II in the same vein, that this would be McCartney III. So then it was like, OK, I see what I’m doing now.”

Unlike many people, McCartney did not struggle during the lockdown. He managed to stay in the countryside, where it was safer than the city, and spent time with his daughter and his grandchildren.

“I was really lucky. I was locked down with my daughter Mary and her family, and then I was able to go to the studio to work. It was a very safe place. We were distanced. We were always being very careful. I was on holiday at the beginning of the year, and then lockdown hit, COVID hit, so I came back, and I was locked down in the country.


“[It] was good as it meant I was hanging out with four of my grand-kids, so suddenly that was great. I was able to go into the studio. The government said you could go to work only if you can’t work at home. So I don’t have a home studio. My home studio is 20 minutes away. So then I just started thinking, what about that song I had a few months ago that I never finished. So we pulled that out, and I’d work on that.”

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