Following his devastating announcement, Chuck Norris is receiving prayers from the public.


Chuck Norris, a legend in the martial arts, has lived an extraordinary life, yet he has traded it all in for one terrible reason.

Chuck Norris has led a life that is truly amazing.


There isn’t much Chuck hasn’t accomplished. Where do we even start, then?


He had a lowly upbringing.


Chuck, who was born Carlos Ray Norris on March 10th, 1940, was tormented as a teenager because of his Native American origin, which inspired him to start practicing martial arts when he was eighteen.


His career is illustrious.


He held the title there until he formally retired in 1974. He did, however, triumph over legendary karate practitioners like Allen Steen, Joe Lewis, Arnold Urquidez, and Louis Delgado.


He also has a successful film career.


Chuck featured in a number of harrowing action films, such as Breaker! Breaker!, Code of Silence, and the wildly popular TV show Missing in Action.


Chuck obviously prioritizes his personal life over all else, though.


The actor abruptly left Hollywood, and his decision was made for the sweetest motive.


Fans have been praying for the icon since they revealed the reason why.


Many people used social media to express their ideas.


Nobody knows how much time you have left with your loved ones, one Instagram user commented. So, Chuck Norris, go for it. Enjoy every second and create wonderful memories with your loved one. God bless.


My prayers are with you, your wife, and your family, a second wrote. I hope everything goes smoothly. Godspeed, everyone. Never lose hope. I ask God to please let her be fine. Your wife is fortunate to be with such a decent man. Godspeed and be careful.


“Chuck, just wanted to let you know that you and your lovely wife will be in my prayers. I hope both she and you are doing well! It’s wonderful to realize you are the good man you seem to be! A third person made a statement.


“I just have the finest wishes for you! Forever a fan. You’re cherished. Your projects are enjoyed by my family. Rest well. – a friend,” a second retorted.


When Gena O’Kelly, a former model, become critically ill, Chuck, who had married her in 1998, made the decision to devote his life to taking care of her.


He admitted that in order to be there for his wife, he had to put his career on hold.


He first shared in 2017…


He explained his choice thusly: “I’ve given up my film career to focus on Gena; right now, my entire existence is about keeping her alive. This subject, in my opinion, is very significant.



What exactly transpired, though?


Gena had a series of MRI scans, and there is where it all started.


The 59-year-old has rheumatoid arthritis, therefore the scans were performed to allow medical professionals to keep an eye on her health.


In order to be able to view the severity of Gena’s illness on the machine, dyes were injected into her.


Chuck is convinced that these dyes are to blame, nevertheless, for his wife’s subsequent decline in health.


According to the Mirror, Chuck said that Gena received three injections of the metal “gadolinium” in one week.


I felt like my whole body was on fire — as if acid had been sent through it — within hours of the initial jab, Gena recalled.


“At first, the burning was isolated, but it just kept growing.”


Gena returned to the hospital after enduring excruciating pain, and she was admitted a staggering six times.


According to Gena, she began experiencing “excruciating rib pain, breathing issues, tremors across the entire body, muscle weakness, and joint discomfort.”


Gena Googled her symptoms because doctors were stumped as to what to do and discovered “gadolinium poisoning.”


Doctors rejected her theory without delay.


The dye “is designed to be out of patients’ systems safely within hours after injection,” they later told her.


Chuck made the decision to address his wife’s symptoms at that point.


Gena received treatment for gadolinium poisoning at a facility in Nevada after he made contact with them.


Gena acknowledged that she had through a great deal of suffering prior to receiving medical attention, saying, “By the time I reached the clinic, weeks after I got the injections, I had dropped 15lb and was finding it hard to swallow. I had to be given baby food.”


“I spent five months in bed with an IV and had 24-hour nursing care. Chuck never left the couch where he slept next to me. I hoped to live long enough to raise my kids.


Chuck Norris and Gena have now made it their life’s work to educate others about gadolinium and any potential negative effects.


It’s a horrible, ugly secret that has been kept buried, and Chuck and I are determined to alter it, Gena stated, according to Hello!


The couple has filed lawsuits against eleven pharmaceutical companies for permitting the injections as a result of the event, and Gena is still dealing with her symptoms.

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