Fifteen years after losing his father, this boy receives great news – a unique sixteenth birthday


It is very difficult for a child to grow up with a parent who believes that a deceased person is heartbreaking. There is balance in every family, as in this chapter both parents teach their children about life and how to succeed by building trust, decision-making power, morality, respect and appreciation for real values.

For single fathers, those who can do all these things on their own, with all due respect. The single mother in this video did everything in her power for her son, she herself managed to give him a good education and teach him what is good and what is bad. This story is heartwarming, you really have to go to the bottom of the article and play the attached video to see the reaction of a 16 year old boy and see his biggest dream come true.


Justin Roser lost his father when he was only 9 months old. Army First Lieutenant Jonathan Roser died while serving in Iraq. As he got older, Justin missed his father more and more and started a collection, a chest that he keeps in the place of honor where he keeps his father’s belongings such as clothes, dog tags, photos or watches. It’s something he wanted so badly, that he’s been thinking about it for a long time, and that he’ll add to his collection.

His father’s car, a 1999 Toyota Supra Cabriolet, was a car his mother had to sell because she could no longer afford the loan. By the time he was sixteen, Jordan was thinking more and more about that car and how proud he was of maneuvering his father’s wheel. But all those movies he made in his head ended quickly because he knew in his head that it was impossible. He limited himself to the idea of being able to buy a car similar to his father Jonathan’s. But something wonderful was about to happen.



While he was thinking about his fast-moving birthday, his mother Jessica began researching the car, posting ads online and asking for help finding the car. Fortunately for her, the car was found and Jessica contacted the owner, who was not easily persuaded to sell the car. She still had to collect money for the car.


An NGO came to her aid and offered to raise the amount needed. Follow the Flag, led by Kyle Fox, has raised money and a handful of people to help with the repairs. The big day had arrived and Justin was surprised to see the old man’s car in his yard. The people who contributed to the big surprise came to Four Wheels to congratulate him and to see his mother give him the keys he wanted. Truly a beautiful moment, you can clearly see the happiness in Justin’s eyes, so make sure to play the video!

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