A father whose son died in a car accident holds a special place in his memory on the side of a remote road


A father whose son died in a car accident holds a special place in his memory on the side of a remote road. The man comes to this place every night in the dark without anyone knowing. After 13 years, he found a ticket from a millionaire in his place.
In 2003, a young man died in a serious car accident on a street in Richmond, California. The young man was Ray Olson’s son. Torn by what had happened, Ray wanted to have a special place in the place where his son had died. Ray learned that the landowner there was a multi-billion dollar company called Chevron, and he immediately figured they wouldn’t allow him to have a special place in his son’s memory.


Ray didn’t ask the owner if he could build this place and did so directly.
The man did not tell anyone about this place, thinking that no one would notice him. Each night Ray would come to the place where his son lost his life, stricken with grief. After about 13 years with no one telling him anything, one night he found a map at the place he had built telling him that something else would be built on that land. Ray took care of this place just like his son did because it was the only thing that made him remember.


When he received the news, he immediately thought that they would destroy the place and that he would lose the only thing that would bring him comfort. But he was shocked when he finished reading the letter. He never imagined that the company would build a new memorial on the site where his son died 13 years ago.

The company complied and erected an enviable monument in memory of Ray’s son, on which a large plaque was placed. On this plaque it was written that the monument was erected in honor of Ibn Ray’s memory. In addition to this amazing thing the company did for Ray, they built a bench next to the memorial for those who wanted to come to the place where life took Ray’s son so early in the living world.
Chevron spokesman Joe Lorenz told NBC News that this is Ray’s home and that he no longer needs to hide by visiting the place at night.

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