Far not everyone knows these surprising details about the love story of Caine and Shakira



He saw her in a coffee ad, fell madly in love and traveled thousands of kilometers to meet her! ❤️‍🔥👏 Shakira, whose beauty once dazzled the actor, became his one and the only love till the end! ⏳😍Find out more in this article! 👇



Interestingly enough, the moment actor M. Caine fell in love with Shakira was when he accidentally saw her in a Brazilian coffee advert on TV and his life changed forever. He instantly felt a connection and rushed to travel to Brazil.



It was only later that he discovered she lived just a mile away in London. He never ceases to discribe his woman as the most stunning one in the entire world. The first time Shakira herself heard of the actor was when «Get Carter» was released.


She found him nice and shared deep feelings too which soon led to their marriage in Las Vegas, 1973. The happy spouses welcomed a daughter Natasha thus enhancing their beautiful family.


It was in the 1975 film «The Man Who Would Be King» that the couple played together but realized that they had better not pursue acting further. Instead, they focused on their family.


Later, Michael’s memoir «Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life» made it quite clear how fatal and crucal Shakira’s role was in his life. They now enjoy spending time with their grandkids and their relationship is still marked by mutual respect and compromise.

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