Do You Experience Hard Moments When Bathing Your Dog? Here Is The Solution!


Does your dog give you hell of a time during shower time? It will surely be such a pain now that summer time has come which is important to regularly bath the dogs. Worry not, for there is a new invention that is pulsating on the internet!

The best solution for these dogs is the Woof Washer 360. It is a definite system that in less than 60 seconds it washes the dog’s coat with little worry. This new solution washes your dog in the form of a ring that sprays 360 from head to toe. It is designed with a compartment for the purposes of rinsing, sudsing and restarting the cleaning process again. One advantage about this Woof Washer is that it has a gentle spray, associating it with a relaxing massage, which makes it unnecessary to use your hands for this bathing activity!


It has two modes, for soap and for rinse, and also has a hooker to be fixed at the garden’s hose pipe. However the cost of this Washer sums up to 25 dollars, as for me it is worth that amount.

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