Effective Recipe to Boost Your Immunity in Great Measure


If you are looking to boost your immunity, forget about buying some medication at your local pharmacy, as medicines are not natural, and thus, they’re not safe. There’s a natural immunity boosting solution that only requires three ingredients (below).

Recipe for Immunity Boosting

All you have to do is squeeze half a lemon in a glass of warm water and mix in one tablespoon of honey. That’s it! (Make sure to drink this every morning before you step out your front door.)

Health Benefits of Recipe

>Skin stretches and looks younger

>Fights bad breath

>Fights harmful effects of gastric juices

>Soothes nerves and relaxes you


>Fights constipation

>Speeds up metabolic rate

>Aids in removing toxins from body

>Aids in heling cough and cold

>Aids in strengthening immunity

>It contains antimicrobial properties

This recipe has helped a lot of people to treat the common cold. Your health can improve dramatically to the point of you not getting sick anymore, as your immune system will be strong. You will be able to carry out your day-to-day functions with a big smile, because you will feel 100%!  Source: mrhealthylife

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