He Dumped 3 Pounds Of Carrots In The Toilet. Why He Did It? OMG!

He Dumped 3 Pounds Of Carrots In The Toilet

Sometime back, we saw how a detergent can be used to unclog a toilet. Here, we are coming across a strange video that features the porcelain throne.

Within the video, The American Standard Champion toilet is featuring a powerful commercially sold toilet. This is the first time the invention is being introduced to YouTube. This is a toilet that’s capable of flushing anything minus any kind of problem since its flushing system uses the uses “Quattro” flushing technology. I never imagined a video that covers toilet flushing can turn out to be this popular until watched it out! I now understand why!


To show the world this toilet’s sheer strength, a demonstration is being done by a man. He’s flushing items that I least expected can be done so. He has 20 golf balls, 18 hot dogs and 3 pounds of carrot. And they all move down the drain. This is really unbelievable! It’s understandable where over 9 million people have viewed this clip.

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