Dog missing for 6 days, cries real tears when she sees her owner again


This tear-jerking video shows the moment a dog, schnauzer, that had been lost for six day cries uncontrollably after meeting her owner again.

Like any day, Xiao-Mei accompanied her owner to the market. she waited outside as usual until her owner’s shopping was finished. This was a routine done several times in the past, but that day was a far different story.

Unluckily, a neighbor was setting off fireworks across the street, the little schnauzer had been spooked and didn’t know what to do so she run off while walking near a train station.

The poor pup had spent six days on her own until she managed to find her way back to her owner’s friend’s house. In the emotional video, the little dog comes running out of a house the moment she hears her owner’s motorcycle engine.


She then jumps at his legs and cries uncontrollably for long minutes as her owner showers her with kisses and cuddles.

“She couldn’t find my house, so she ended up walking four or five times as far to another house she was familiar with and I ended up getting a phone call.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube last year but has recently resurfaced after being shred on social media.

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