Denise Richards makes the announcement, overcome with emotion.


Denise Richards reflected on her Drop Dead Gorgeous co-star Kirstie Alley, who died at 71 from cancer. The RHOBH alum shared her thoughts on Instagram on Tuesday, December 6.

“Kirstie is one of the funniest, sweetest, and strongest women I’ve ever encountered,” she says. “I feel lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to work on a film with her as my mother.  Working with her worried me at first, but she quickly put me at ease.”

“She loves animals and has a pure heart.  Her infectious laugh brought excitement and light into every area she entered. Kirstie, you have a large following and will be sadly missed. May the Lord bless you and your grandkids.”


Denise made this statement after collaborating with Kirstie in the 1999 film Drop Dead Gorgeous. Denise played Rebecca Ann “Becky” Leeman, a pageant contender and the daughter of Kirstie’s Gladys Leeman character.

Gladys, a prior pageant winner, was the principal organizer of the committee. The funny work made an impression and remains a favorite among Denise and Kirstie’s fans.


Denise’s appreciation for Kirstie was only one of the many kind remarks she received from her co-stars and friends. John Travolta, who co-starred with the model in the Look What’s Talking films, quickly shared warm memories of her on Instagram, along with a touching remark.

“Kirstie was one of the most odd partnerships I’ve ever had. Kirstie, I admire you. “I’m sure we’ll run into each other again,” he wrote.


Many other celebrities expressed their sorrow and respect for Kirstie, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelsey Grammer, Valerie Bertinelli, Tim Allen, and others. “I recently learned with great sadness that Kirstie Alley had died.” Jamie hailed her in “@tvscreamqueens” as a wonderful comedic partner and a lovely mother bear in real life. “She assisted me in purchasing onesies for my family for Christmas that year. Even though we agreed to disagree on many issues, we respected and bonded with one another.”


Abigail Breslin, who co-starred in Scream Queens alongside Kirstie Alley, paid tribute to Jamie on Instagram. ” @kirstiealley, you were a lovely person; may you rest in peace.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you on Scream Queens Season 2, and I always found it amusing when you typed your name into my phone. ” She also shared a snapshot of Kirstie’s phone number, which said “Khirsty (like thirsty),” with the caption, “Love to Kirsties relatives and friends.”

Kirstie’s son William and daughter Lillie informed fans of her passing via her official Twitter account on December 5. “To all of our friends, old and new, from all around the world… We regret to notify you that our lovely, valiant, and adored mother passed away after a brief struggle with cancer.”

“She fought valiantly in the presence of her closest family members, leaving no doubt about her unending love of life and whatever adventures lay ahead.” She was not just a superb actress but also a beautiful mother and grandmother.”

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