He Thought She Was Crazy When She Called 911 To Order Pizza


One out of four women is subjected to domestic violence in the course of her life. That is what makes the plot of this story very relevant.

An amazing story was revealed by a former police dispatcher which covered some domestic violence that was reported in a unique manner. For some very good reasons, the story has ended up garnering a lot of popularity.

Just like you and I could have thought, the dispatcher thought the woman under discussion was pulling out a prank when she ordered pizza.  It took some professional intelligence from the dispatcher’s part to know that it was a brilliant way of disguising a cry for help.


After discovering that, a police officer who was in the neighborhood was sent to the scene and arrested the boyfriend who was then charged with domestic violence. He had beaten her up after getting drunk. Thank God she was clever enough to device a trick of saving her life and was lucky to converse with a police officer who was equally intelligent to figure out that she never wanted a pizza. I think the two must have been connected through fate!

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