Consciously Leave the Negativity behind You


Is your past creating roadblocks in your present life? Many times, we get so caught up in things we’ve experienced in the past that we cannot focus on present. The opposite is true as well. Thoughts about the future and the emotions attached to those thoughts can also plague our present. When our minds associate a particular emotion or feeling with an experience, we sometimes become attach to it and cannot break free. This causes us to spin our wheels until our negative past experiences influence our ideas about the future. These ideas become embedded into our consciousness. The greatest tool you can learn is how to detach any negative thoughts or experiences from your present and future consciousness.

How to say no to negativity
Enjoying nature is a great method to rid yourself of negative thoughts. Nature works as a healing center for your consciousness. It is simple to use nature. All you have to do is find a beautiful quiet spot. Now, find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You want to enter into a meditative state, and start this mantra: “I am not my emotions.” When a negative thought creeps up on you, change your internal language from “I am…pathetic, sad, and depressed.” to “I notice there is sadness in my thoughts.” This change allows you to stop identifying yourself with those emotions. It is your thoughts that are negative not you. Your consciousness will immediately pick up on the difference and shift away from the negative thoughts about you.

The next step is to choose a random occurrence. Does it make you smile? Do you appreciate it? A random occurrence can be as simple as a leaf falling from a tree and it spins like a pinwheel before it hits the ground. Does the occurrence make you feel safe, comforted and content? Now, it is time to set the intention that every time a leaf spins like a pinwheel, the universe smiling at you and telling you to appreciate that moment. Soon you will not have intent to associate this with a positive emotion. You will naturally start be filled with awe and joy of life when you see a leaf spin like a pinwheel.

When this random occurrence is implemented into your consciousness, you should start the process over again with another random occurrence. Keep this going until you have a significant amount of occurrences that will help you have a few moments of nirvana.


What is consciousness?
Your consciousness is highly plastic. That means that it is able to shift and change with every new experience. You can nurture what you want to be in your consciousness. You do this by carefully selecting what music you listen to, the art you observe or display in your home, the movies you watch, the places you spend your free time, the food you eat, the words you speak, the people you associate with, and the thoughts you think. To nurture your consciousness, you need to pick a couple of these experiences that you want to shift towards the consciousness. Detach yourself away from the wants that incite pain or sadness and fill those empty spaces with more positive experiences.

For instance, if you watch a horror movie, you are induced with fear. If you want to remove fear from your consciousness, you need to stop watching any movie that promotes fear and replace it with a movie that provokes positive life messages. When you begin to shift your consciousness by carefully selecting what you say, hear, touch, smell, see and taste, you are creating a powerful intention to only experience events and things that will create a positive perception. Conscious intention is a powerful tool that has positive responses from the universe. It allows your consciousness to self-correct itself. So when you have a negative thought, your consciousness will automatically shift the intentions of that thought.
Soon, negative thoughts will be behind you, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty in life.

Candice Marshall


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